I Shoot Dogs!

I have been involved in dogs my entire life. Raised in a family home shared with many wonderful dogs, from the biggest boldest to the smallest meekest canine companions. I have been professionaly training clients dogs (and clients)for many years plus training, working and competing with my own Cocker Spaniels . However, photographing dogs has been my passion for over a decade. My photography skills have been well honed with my own pack of six furry 'models' and the hundreds of dogs I've been fortunate enough to shoot over the years. I love photographing dogs outdoors at work or play and enjoy the creative challenge of working in the studio using light in different ways to capture a special image. I'm based on Glasgow South Side in Scotland, on the edge of some of the most beautiful landscapes which can provide stunning backdrops for the images I shoot, even on the most 'dreich', damp, Scottish days.

I hope you enjoy viewing my slobbery, muddy, barking, hairy photographs.


Peter Rose